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A rich natural and cultural heritage
In the seventeenth century Catalonia welcomes Baroque art from Italy. Each village has many works of art of this "Golden Age".
Medieval castles, city walls, royal fortifications show a border zone between States since the Middle Ages.
Landscapes offer an infinite range of diversity, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pyrenees. For centuries, man shapes his environment and exploit its natural resources. A fragile heritage to be preserved. This area is also the birthplace of renewable and solar energy.

During your stay, and when your needs, Catalan country reveals its diversity, rich in history, the artistic and cultural influences of many civilizations.
Three museums offer to trace the origins of Mediterranean cultures with the evolution of man and nature, from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic: Musée Européen de Tautavel, Musée de Belesta, Musée d'art Moderne de Céret.
The Pyrenees gave birth to remarkable creations of art Western novel. Benedictine abbeys, priories and churches tell the birth of the first Romanesque. (Text from "Guide des itinéraires en terre catalane - Réseau Culturelle").

serrabone fontfroide
Serrabone Cloister Fontfroide Abbey
asignan st martin
Roman Aqueduct d'Ansignan Abbey st.Martin du Canigou
elne vieux pont
Elne Cloister Old Roman Bridge