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Just 5 km from the hotel Le Châtelet : LES GORGES DE GALAMUS

Narrow, deep and mysterious...
Les Gorges de Galamus
The Agly river is fed by numerous springs and resurgences sometimes hot (27 ° C) that is found all along the gorges. Abundant source (150L / s) ensures the water consumption of the town behind Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet.
Les Gorges de Galamus are a natural protected site that offers many surprises. The excursion to the Gorges south in the department of Pyrenees-Orientales offers panoramic views of the Canigou, the highest peak of the department. Crossing the Gorge by car can be practiced almost throughout the year. This place is very popular in summer. The narrowness of the road sometimes causes some traffic problems. Therefore, in July and August it is regulated. A device of alternating traffic is established 1 km 500. It is best to go walking and if you are brave to hike which offers stunning views of the gorge and its surroundings. The gorges is conducive to canyoning. The canyoning is done from Cubières sur Cinoble at the parking level of l'Oule. The rise ends in the parking of the Belvédère côté Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet.

Gorges de Galamus Barage sur Agly
le chapitre dolmen
"Chapitre" de Saint Paul de Fenouillet Dolmen "roc cornut" de Campoussy
hermitage fenouilledes5
Hermitage "Notre Dame de Pena" Chateau de Fenouillèdes

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